Sacramento Bee Editorial  "Juul wants to hook kids on nicotine. This California leader just complicated that plan" 

Sacramento Bee Editorial "Trump takes bold action to ban deadly vaping, but California failed. Why?

Los Angeles Times Article "New California vaping bill is a ruse for protecting Big Tobacco, health groups say"

Sacramento Bee Article "California lawmakers took thousands from Big Tobacco before they wrote this anti-vaping bill"

CalMatters Article "Industry aims to extinguish bills that would make California first state to ban flavored tobacco"

Sacramento Bee Article “California tobacco tax measure targets an industry under pressure”

San Jose Mercury News Editorial "California's historic anti-smoking week"

Sacramento Bee Editorial "Jerry Brown signs tobacco control bills, lets us breathe easier"

Center for Public Integrity Article "How Big Tobacco lobbies to safeguard e-cigarettes"

"Tobacco tragedy prompts support of anti-smoking legislation" by LA Times Columnist George Skelton

Sacramento Bee Article "California tobacco bills spurred hardball political threats"

"Lawmakers show surprising courage against Big Tobacco" by LA Times Columnist George Skelton

Sacramento Bee Editorial "California Assembly should approve far-reaching e-cigarette bill"

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial "California should toughen tobacco laws"

LA Times Article "21 to smoke? California Assembly approves raising smoking age"

San Jose Mercury News Article "Awash in Big Tobacco cash, California legislators side with tobacco industry"

Sacramento Bee Article "California e-cigarette bill abandoned after hostile amendment"

"Putting Tobacco in a Pinch" by Ventura Star columnist Tim Herdt

"California legislators must break tobacco money addiction" by ACS CAN Government Relations California VP in the Sacramento Bee

"Tobacco Harms Minorities" by ACS CAN volunteer Dr. Cliff Eke in The Voice

Sacramento Bee Editorial "How campaign donation caps are like jumbo shrimp"

San Francisco Chronicle Article "Jerry Brown urged to return tobacco money given to CA ballot measure"

Long Beach Press Telegram Op-Ed by ACS CAN's Dr. Willie Goffney "California Caves to Big Tobacco Lobbying"

Albany Union Times Article "Tobacco Money Target of Campaign"

Sacramento Bee Article "California Democrats Accepting More from Tobacco Industry"

Sacramento Bee Editorial "Democrats choose tobacco money over public health"

Sacramento Bee Editorial "Big Tobacco Kills Sensible E-Cigarette Bill"


TV News

ACS CAN’s Jim Knox on KNBC’s News Conference with Conan Nolan (Los Angeles)

Notobaccomoney.org website launch story on KCRA (Sacramento)


Letters to the Editor

Assemblymember Catharine Baker’s Letter to the Sacramento Bee regarding her return of a campaign contribution from a tobacco companyACS CAN Ambassador Charlie Smith's Letter to the Northridge-Chatsworth Patch in SD 18

ACS CAN Ambassador Margo Connolly's Letter to the Contra Costa Times

ACS CAN Ambassador Marvin Schurgin’s Letter to the Desert Sun in SD 28

ACS CAN Ambassador Margo Connolly’s Letter to the Lamorinda Sun in AD 16


News Releases

Cancer Advocates Call Assembly Member Adam Gray’s Attempt to Rein in Youth E-cigarette Epidemic a Sham; Latest Bill Introduced Reflects Influence from Tobacco Industry

ACS CAN Asks California Democratic Party to Return Dirty Money From E-cigareatte Manufacturer Juul as part of the Cancer-Fighting Group's Snuff Tobacco Money Out of California Politics Campaign

Political Contributions from E-cigarette Manufacturer Juul Exposed by ACS CAN Campaign to Snuff Tobacco Money Out of California Politics

California Cancer Advocates Call on Assemblymember Jim Cooper to Reconsider Breaking Promise to Refuse Tobacco Money

California Cancer Advocates Renew Campaign toGet Big Tobacco Money Out of State Elections

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Denounces Tobacco Industry's Shameful Threats

Six Assembly Candidates Take Late Contribution from Philip Morris; ACS CAN Urges Dirty Money Returned

ACS CAN calls on three candidates to return contributions from Philip Morris

ACS CAN calls on Governor Brown to return the $100,000 campaign contribution from Philip Morris to Propositions 1 &  2

"Snuff Tobacco Money out of California Politics" campaign website launches

ACS CAN Launches "Snuff Tobacco Money out of California Politics" campaign


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