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We asked candidates to refuse contributions from tobacco companies. Find out who ACCEPTED the challenge and who REJECTED the challenge

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Help the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) fight cancer and the corrosive influence tobacco companies have on California politics. ACS CAN is challenging all candidates for seats in the state legislature and current state legislative office holders to reject tobacco money and publicly renounce the harm the tobacco lobby causes our state.

The tobacco industry is willing to spend huge amounts of money to support its business model of addicting new customers to its deadly products. Tobacco companies have funneled more than $50 million into California politics over the past five years to protect profits by fighting any public policy proposals that would result in less smoking, which would lead to less cancer.

We are paying a high price, literally and figuratively, as a result of the exorbitant campaign contributions flowing from the tobacco industry. Approximately 40,000 Californians die from smoking every year - more than alcohol, AIDS, car crashes, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined. Moreover, California loses $13.29 billion per year in smoking-related healthcare costs alone. More than 100 million people have died globally from tobacco-related illnesses in the last century and, if current trends hold, a billion will die this century.

These numbers are not acceptable. Candidates should take a stand against the deplorable tactics of Big Tobacco by not accepting any tobacco contributions. ACS CAN will let the public and the media know who can’t “say no” to dirty tobacco money.

Every candidate for state office has or will be asked the following question and we will share responses:

Will you reject the deception, pain and suffering that fund campaign contributions from tobacco companies and help us "Snuff Tobacco Money Out of California Politics" by rejecting any campaign contribution from the tobacco industry?

Now is the time for lawmakers to come clean from the harmful influences of the tobacco industry. As a constituent, contact your representative at the Capitol and insist they refrain from accepting Big Tobacco’s dirty money.

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