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Cancer Advocate,

Not having health insurance scared the crap out of me.

I had just lost my dream job as a wellness coordinator at the Medical College of Wisconsin due to cuts caused by the COVID pandemic. And here I was, at 40 years old, a Stage 4 sarcoma survivor who still required quarterly scans.

I could not afford COBRA insurance from my employer. When you have to choose between health care and heat or cancer care and food … well, it’s not a choice.

Like you, I’m an ACS CAN volunteer. And I can tell you first-hand that the U.S. Senate including subsidies for COBRA insurance in the COVID relief bill they’re debating will save people’s lives.

I was uninsured despite knowing I was almost due for my sarcoma scan. Without a shadow of doubt, I would have used that subsidy to buy COBRA insurance and avoided the stress of waiting to know if my deadly cancer had returned. I could have kept my current coverage and deductible going rather than having to start over, costing me even more.

Please join me in calling Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Susan Collins and asking them to support COBRA subsidies for people who lose their job and also for those who can’t afford health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. I did it. And ACS CAN isn’t kidding when they say it’s easy and only takes a few minutes.

I was blessed. Thanks to my unbelievable coworkers who pooled money together to help me and by watching every penny, after two months of being uninsured, I finally was able to afford a health insurance policy and pay for my scans.

Not every cancer patient will be so lucky. Please take 3 minutes and make that call right now.

Sarah Kaehny
Cancer survivor & ACS CAN volunteer

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